Brigadier Dr Brian McMahon CBE ; The Mayor of Dunedin, Mr Dave Cull ;

The President of the Dunedin RSA,
Mr Lox Kellas

Executive and Committee

President: David More
Immediate Past President: Brian Connor
Chairman: Kevin Tansley
Deputy Chairman: David Coulter
Secretary: Ken Clark
Treasurer: Errol Sharp, Deputy Jeff Wang
Conductor: Karen Knudson, Deputy Rosemary Tarbotton
Accompanist: Alison Paterson, Deputy Simon Mace
Librarians: Trevor Croot, Steve Pinker
Subscription Secretary: Graham Nicholls
Social Convenor: Roy Harry-Young
Auditor: Pauline Hogue
Producer: Graham Nicholls
Stage Manager: Brian Connor
Almoner: Peter Wishart
Controller: Neil Waddell Deputy Bruce McLennan
Advertising: Ian Griffith
Programme: Otto Schmid
Section Leaders: Brian Donnelly, Ken Clark, Steve Pinker, Foalima Lemalu