Chairman's Letter - June 2017

Dear RSA Choir Subscriber

Greetings from the choir. Wagga Visit Thanks to those who supported this concert in March. The Wagga City Rugby Male Voice Choir greatly enjoyed the evening and 'after glow' at a nearby hotel. A great occasion all round and much appreciated by all.

ANZAC Revue and again thanks to those who supported our ANZAC Revue. We greatly enjoyed the evening following on from a busy day at Dawn Service and then Monticello Veterans' Home. One of our outstanding Choir Vocal Scholars, Harry Grigg, is on a vocal study trip in Italy and the choir were pleased to be able to offer some financial support for this great opportunity.

August Matinee We look forward to welcoming you to this afternoon concert, the timing of which we feel works well in our cooler winter months.

Over the page is a general outline of the programme which, as usual, includes some slightly different artists as we look to keep good variety of guests in our concerts.

We look forward to welcoming you at 2pm on Sunday the 6th of August. Bookings for our August Matinee Group and preferential bookings open on Friday 23rd June and general bookings on Monday 26th June.

Attached are 'subscriber's vouchers' which you will need to present at a booking office to get your free tickets (Service fees apply).

Extra seats for friends and the general public can be purchased at Ticketmaster offices, Regent Theatre and Forsyth Barr Stadium or door sales at the concert.

Extra tickets can also be booked online. Just a reminder, only use the official website. Do not use the website where tickets are at highly inflated prices.

The prices for extra tickets are: Adults $25, Groups 10 or more $22.50, Gold Card $22.50, Students $20, Children $15.

Service fees apply to all purchases. $ 2.00 per ticket at Ticket office outlets and $ 8.00 per transaction over the internet.

New Choir Members We are pleased to welcome some new members this concert and continue to extend an open invitation for others to join us. For further information, contact any choir member.

Stay warm and we look forward to seeing you all soon.

Kindest regards

Kevin Tansley

RSA Choir Chairman

About Our Concert, 6 August, 2017,

Dunedin Town Hall, 2.00pm 'The Mid Winter Concert'
Producer: Otto Schmid
Conductor: Karen Knudson
Accompanist: Johnny Mottershead
Compere: Alasdair Morrison
Organist: David Burchell


The  choir  is  in  good  voice.    Some  say  we  are  getting  better  all  the  time.    That   says  something  for  a  bunch  of  (predominately)  Oldies.    Maybe  it  says  more   about  our  wonderful  conductor  Karen,  who  always  manages  to  get  the  best   out  of  us.    And  we  love  it!    We  are  quite  certain  that  you  too  will  love  the   singing  and  the  variety  that  we  will  bring  to  you.    Then  there  are  our  special   guest  performers,  special  people  doing  special  things  and  doing  them   especially  well  with  some  unexpected  and  spectacular  sounds.    You  will  be   talking  about  them  well  after  the  concert  is  over.    Enjoy!!    We  want  you  to!!     There  is  plenty  of  variety  in  our  programme,  with  'something  old  and   something  new'.    We  have  traditional  songs  with  lovely  harmony  and  others   that  are  brightly  entertaining.  There  are  also  two  moving  songs  as  part  of   our  remembrance  ceremony.    It  is  100  years  now  since  some  bloody  battles   in  Europe  where  thousands  of  our  young  people  from  our  young  country   served  and  acquitted  themselves  with  honour,  with  many  giving  their  lives.     Following  that  war,  the  world  entered  the  'roaring  twenties'  and  we  have  a   song  from  there  that  was  sung  by  many  famous  pop  artists  right  through  to   the  Beatles.    The  Beatles  had  many  famous  songs  of  their  own  and  we  will   be  singing  and  enjoying  one  of  these.    (Many  of  us  can  wish  that  64  was  still   in  the  future!)       Would  you  like  to  hear  something  featured  by  the  'Beach  Boys'?    Well,  we   will  be  singing  something  to  satisfy  your  desire:  very  entertaining.    Chess   was  a  famous  musical  in  the  1980's  and  we  will  be  singing  a  lovely,   emotional  song  from  there

Our  concert  is  going  to  be  considerably  enhanced  by  our  guest  artists.       There  will  be  the  thrill  of  listening  to  a  Swiss  Alphorn  played  by  Edward   Walthert.    Our  drummer,  Robert  Craigie  will  add  spice  to  some  of  our   songs.    We  are  thrilled  to  have  the  Dunedin  Youth  Choir  led  by  Ben   Madden.    We  look  forward  to  them  with  much  anticipation.    We  are  very   proud  of  the  Choir  Vocal  Scholars  and  we  will  have  two  of  them  with  us   for  this  concert,  Beth  Goulstone  and  Harry  Grigg.    Individually,  they  will   perform  with  the  choir  in  some  items  and  we  will  also  be  privileged  to   hear  them  singing  together.    Another  feature  will  be  the  Cellists  of  Otago.     This  is  an  ensemble  led  by  Heleen  Du  Plessis  and  will  inspire  us  with  that   mellow,  cello  sound.    Kilted  Alasdair  Morrison  will  once  again  lead  us   through  the  programme  with  information  and  wit.      We  always  try  to  end  our  concerts  with  a  thrilling  musical  climax.    One  of   the  two  songs  in  our  final  bracket  will  be  Handel's  Messiah  and  we  will  be   joined  by  the  Dunedin  Youth  Choir,  the  Cellists  of  Otago,  our  vocal   scholars  and  David  Burchell  on  the  Town  Hall  organ.    It  should  be   tremendous.     So,  we  will  be  providing  you  with  music  from  the  18th  to  the  21st   centuries.    We  are  certainly  going  to  enjoy  the  whole  programme  and   we  know  you  will  too.    You  will  enjoy  it  even  more  if  you  bring  some   friends.     An  attractive  full  programme  with  much  additional  detail  will  be  sold   before  the  concert  at  a  cost  of  $2.